October 16

Why Should RSS Be Your Restaurant Technology Provider?


Partner with RSS - Your Restaurant Technology Provider

Your business is important to you. If not, you wouldn’t still own it. So, you must make great decisions about your restaurant technology provider. You need a superior partner. 

That’s why when you think about hiring a technology provider, we want you to chose RSS. But we know you have lots of choices, so I thought we should answer your question, “Why should RSS be your technology provider?”

I recently posed that very question to the RSS team, and their answers were insightful. Here are a couple:

We provide an all in one solution.

Many restaurant technology providers focus on one or two technologies. At RSS we understand that the various technologies required to run your business require integration. They must integrate with your IT network and they often must integrate with each other.

A typical provider struggles to make that integration possible, but RSS provides the full technology package. From the POS hardware and software to the firewall, switches, and routers that protect them from hackers, we have the solution. From the headsets at the drive-thru to the loops in the ground that detect the arrival of a car, we do it all.

Our all-in-one solutions save you the extra time, money, and headaches that your competitors face when they contract with several partners.

Here is a list of all the products and services we offer:


Focus POS Software

Brink POS Software

QSR Automations Software and Hardware

Reservations & Seating (DineTime)
Kitchen Management (CSK)


POS Terminals and Registers

Card Readers
Mag Stripe Readers
Order Confirmation Displays

Tablets and Kiosks

Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen Video Displays
Bump Bars
Digital Menu Boards



HME Zoom Timers

Cloud Reporting
Leader Board

Digital Menu Board w/Content Management

Speaker and Mic Posts

Loop Detectors

Presence Alarms


Firewall / Anti Virus

Managed Switches

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Punch Down / Cable Management

Server and Server Rack

Hospitality and Security

Streaming Music

Branded PlayList

Digital Signage

Video Surveillance

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
Vandal Proof
DVR (Scalable / Adaptable)



On-Site Support


Advanced Exchange

We built RSS to provide a flexible and dependable service.

One person put it this way, 

RSS is a small enough business that you receive a personal investment from our employees. We act as a team to bring every project to its conclusion and offer a partnership of ongoing support for each customer. At the same time, RSS is large enough to be able to satisfy your company’s needs with efficiency and precision. We maintain access to the world’s best equipment and innovations while providing you with personalized services from people who care.

That’s the kind of partner I want – personally engaged, efficiently managed, and focused on innovative solutions. How about you? 

Are you still wondering, “Why should RSS be your restaurant technology provider? Why don’t you let us prove it with a free consultation? Drop us a note below, and we will give you a call.


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