Restaurant Digital Signage and Menu Boards

  • Rugged Design to resist extreme weather and vandalism
  • Remote Programming and Flexible Layouts
  • Use Your Own Artwork or Let us Design It For You

A unique eye-catching showcase for your customers

Looking for a proven way to enhance customer engagement, increase revenues and maintain brand consistency? Restaurants nationwide rely on our restaurant digital signage and menu boards solutions to easily create and modify menus and promote specific items, specials or events.

Our restaurant digital signage solutions are ideal for a number of restaurant applications, including digital menu boards, in-store promotion boards, or as notification systems for customers that use the drive thru or takeout.

Why Use Digital Menu Boards?

Make a big impression…

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the use of large-format digital displays in the restaurant industry continues to grow equally as fast. Today’s modern customer has grown accustomed to using devices like smartphones, tablets and watching large screen TVs. As a result, businesses like restaurants are quickly adopting digital signage and menu board solutions to provide a modern, tech savvy and professional appearance that allows them to easily and affordably display menus, promotions and events.

  • Easily create, modify and update menus
  • Highlight new products, promotions, specials and events
  • Ensure brand and pricing compliance in multi-unit environments
  • Remotely manage and update menus from anywhere
  • Day-part scheduling allows you to show different menus at different times of the day/days of the week
  • Enhance the customer experience by providing entertainment or information to reduce perceived wait times
  • Sell digital signage advertising space to vendor partners to bring in extra revenue

One, Two, and Three Panel Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of digital menu boards in restaurants?

Digital menu boards offer a beautiful display for your menu items, limited-time-offers, and product images and videos. At the same time they make it easy to change prices and other content without the cost and delay of printing new menus.

What is required to use digital menu boards at a restaurant?

You’ll need a digital display designed for professional use. They should be able to stay turned on for several hours a day for years without the risk of losing image quality. You’ll also need a way to upload your images, playlists, and schedules to your displays. This is usually accomplished with an off-premise content management system that communicates with your displays through the internet, which means you’ll need internet connectivity for your displays. You’ll also want strong display mounts for attaching your displays to the wall or floor.

What are the best practices for designing digital menus for restaurants?

There are a few key things to consider when designing digital menus.
  1. Take advantage of the high-resolution screens and produce professional photography and videos. Don’t skimp here.
  2. Don’t be too wordy in your menu item descriptions. Guests will get lost in all the text.
  3. Use fonts that are easy to read. Don’t get too cute with fancy fonts. Your guest won’t thank you when they are struggling to read your menu.
  4. Use ample line and character spacing. This also helps the guest read and navigate your menu.
  5. Highlight your top sellers with larger text and images and don’t feel like you need to have an image for every item on your menu.