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Why You Should Replace Your Computer Every Three Years


The title of this article is “Why You Should Replace Your Computer Every Three Years?” The title assumes that you should, but should you? The answer is that it depends. But don’t miss this. If you are in business and rely on your computers to keep your business running, you should replace your computers sooner than you think.

Why You Should Replace Your Computer Every Three Years

When should you replace your computer?

You might think you should replace your computer when it stops working, and you are correct. But that may be too late. If the computer in question is the back office PC, it is the hub of your business. You likely use it for ordering inventory, running payroll, and other business-critical activities. Its loss will cause headaches. 

If the computer in question is your front counter’s Point of Sale, its loss will result in lost sales.

Our businesses can’t afford to wait until the computer stops working. We need to be proactive. Here are the factors that determine how proactive to be. 

  1. What type of computer did you buy – Consumer Grade or Business Grade?
  2. What length of warranty did you get with your PC?
  3. How critical is the PC for your business?
  4. How is the computer running?
  5. When will the operating system become obsolete?

Consumer or Business Grade PC

Consumer-grade computers are not designed to last as long as business-grade computers and will likely need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years. Business-grade computers are built to withstand more abuse and sustained use and need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Laptops range on the lower side of that scale due to the added abuse they receive.


The length of your warranty only addresses coverage for a broken or malfunctioning computer. But it doesn’t help you avoid downtime when a PC does break. But, the length of the warranty may tell you something about how long the manufacturer believes the unit should last. 

There are a couple of things to look for in a warranty. One how easily and quickly can you get a replacement machine. Two is on-site service included. A fast response and fix can help mitigate your losses.

A Critical Part of Your Business

The more your day-to-day operations depend on a functioning computer, the sooner you should consider replacing it. You wouldn’t take off in a plane with a near-empty tank of fuel. You shouldn’t trust your business to a computer that is near its last days.

One sign that your computer is getting close to its end of life is its speed. Are your programs are running slower. Does the PC startup longer than it used to? Are systems crashing more often? There are things you can do to make your computer healthier. But, if you are nearing that 3 to 5-year mark, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Obsolete Operating Systems and Software

This one gets overlooked or ignored too often. But you can’t afford to have a computer with an obsolete operating system. You also can’t afford to run obsolete software. 

Why? Because obsolete systems and software are security risks. When an OS or software becomes obsolete, the software provider no longer provides updates. Updates often involve patching security gaps in the software. Without these patches, your business is at risk. And, if you handle customer data or process credit cards, that’s a risk you can’t afford to take.

Pay attention and replace any system or software application that has become obsolete.

Why You Should Replace Your Computer Every Three Years?

It’s the preventative medicine that your business needs to stay healthy. 

  • Make a plan today. 
  • Perform a check-up on your systems. 
  • Find the weak points. 
  • Investment to strengthen them.


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