April 9

Is Your Restaurant Technology Innovative Enough?


Is there a connection between the use of innovative restaurant technology and business growth? Does using innovative technology in your restaurant draw in more customers and drive higher check totals? The answer is “Not necessarily, but probably.”

Innovative Restaurant Technologies and Business Growth

We know it is impossible to draw a direct correlation between innovative technology and business growth. Also, we know there are many other factors at play. Use the wrong innovative technology and you’ll fail to grow. Deploy terrible customer service or an awful product and no innovation can help you grow. But all indications point to one fact. Together, great products, excellent customer service, and innovative technologies drive growth.

According to AppDEVELOPER Magazine, 77% of restaurant owners expect restaurants to use new technologies. Sixty-five percent feel more compelled to try restaurants that use innovative technologies. Those numbers merit our attention.

Choosing the Right Technologies

The dilemmas many business owners face is choosing the correct innovative technology varies:

  • There are so many from which to choose: Kiosks, Mobile Ordering, Ordering and Paying at the table, Digital Payment Options, Interactive Menus, Tracking food at the table. The list could go on.
  • The options create confusion: How do they work, how do you install them, how much do they cost, and how do they compare and contrast?
  • The ROI is uncertain: Will I get my money back? When? Prove it!

To make sure you don’t waste your time and money, take the following steps:

  • Analyze your market – technologies don’t apply in every market.
  • Resist the allure of the shiny object – sometimes simple is better.
  • Identify a technology to pursue and study your options.
  • Find an expert to partner with.

Some Statistics to Guide You

  • 80% of Americans have already experienced self-ordering kiosks
  • 73% have used a mobile app to order food
  • 73% desire innovative technologies for At-table food ordering
  • 65% feel more compelled to try a restaurant the uses innovative technologies

Don’t be left behind as new technologies lure your customers away. Decide today on a path and take action. We are here to help you take that first step. So, why not contact us to start designing your innovative solution today.


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