July 21

How to make your Drive-Thru the Most Productive

You’ve got a Drive-Thru at your restaurant, but is it the most productive drive-thru that it can be. Here are three tips for how to make your Drive-Thru the most productive drive-thru in town.

How to make your Drive Thru the most Productive

Use Gamification to Motivate Your Employees

Contests promote competition. Using clear goals and a gamification platform like HME’s Zoom Nitro, you can tap into your employees’ natural desire to compete. They will become more productive and more engaged. And, they’ll stay with your restaurant longer. Studies indicate that 90% of employees are more productive when they use gamification.

Set Clear Performance Goals

Nothing results in an unproductive workforce more than employees who don’t know your goals for them. And a gamification platform requires clear goals to be an effective motivation tool. Here are some goals you could gamify in your restaurant or across all your stores.

  • Number of cars through the drive-thru during the lunch rush
  • Best service times between stores
  • Service time goals at individual stores
  • Speed of service for curbside pickup
  • Order accuracy

With the right goals and a gamification system, your employees will engage and perform better. Your operation will become more efficient and profitable. And your customers will be thrilled to keep coming back for more.

Reward Great Performance and Improvements

Part of the motivating element of a gamification system is the intrinsic pride that employees feel when they win. The other part is the joy they experience when you reward them. 

Rewards can be simple. Some example rewards include public recognition for the team, a pizza party, or a special perk for individual winners.

And don’t forget to reward improvement. Ultimately, improvement is your goal, so why not reward it when it happens.

So, if you are wondering how to make your drive-thru the most productive drive-thru in town, try gamification. We can help you get it set up. Call us at 502-753-0154


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