September 24

Your Restaurant Digital Strategy?

Do you have a restaurant digital strategy for your business? If you are scratching your head and asking, what is a digital strategy, likely, you don’t. So, what is a digital strategy? 

Digital Strategy Defined

A digital strategy defines how you will use the digital technology of your customers to grow your business. Additionally, it is forward-looking and concerned with things like customer loyalty, online ordering, at-store pickup, and delivery. 

It is forward-looking because it isn’t enough to pick an app for mobile orders. You must also think about how your customer will receive the product. Will you deliver it or will she pick it up? If you are going to deliver it, how will that happen? Will you build your own delivery service or use a third party. How does that decision impact your revenue and profit? If she plans to pick it up, will she need to park and come into the store, or do you have a pickup window? Do you understand the logistics of those options? Have you considered the business impact of each?

It is strategic because it isn’t focused on the tactical “How to.” Rather, it is focused on the what and why. A restaurant digital strategy takes into consideration things like how customers behave today and how you think your customer will want to behave in the future. It asks whether the specific solutions you are considering fit your brand and mission. It stretches the possibilities beyond the immediately achievable and drives you toward innovation.

An Example of Digital Strategy

Many brands are deploying strategic digital plans to grow their businesses. One example is Chipotle. Chipotle understands that customer loyalty programs are good for business. For one thing, loyalty members show an increased purchase frequency. 

If customers are buying from your business more frequently, that is good business. Chipotle made the strategic decision to use a loyalty/rewards app and invest in getting customers to sign up. They continue strategically by asking the question, “what type of reward system generates the highest rate of signups?”

RSS offers two POS systems, and both systems have strong customer loyalty program options.

You can read more about Chipotle’s strategy and growth here

What Creates a Great Loyalty Program?

If you are thinking about creating or revamping a loyalty program, Focus POS provides some great tips. They say that you should:

  1. Be aware of loyalty reducers – things that make your customers revolt from your program instead of run to it
  2. Know the types of loyalty and rewards programs your customer prefer
  3. Make sure the program is: easy to use, easy to understand and gives great discounts
  4. Build a community around your program – engage with your customers in creative ways

You can read more about the recommendations from Focus POS here

We hope you’ll take the time to think strategically about your restaurant digital strategy. If you ready to talk about your loyalty program, we’re here to help. Contact us for a free demo or consultation today!


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