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The Four Most Important POS Features for Restaurants


Are you opening a new restaurant? Or are you considering an upgrade for your restaurant POS system? Choosing the right Point of Sale is one of the most important decisions you make for your restaurant. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the four most important POS features for restaurants.

Terrible consequences result from choosing the wrong POS.

  • Unhappy employees who struggle to use it
  • Mad customers who get tired of waiting and getting the wrong food
  • Lost revenue because of time lost
  • Wasted Inventory

So, before you buy a new POS, make sure the one you select has these four most important features.

Strong Reporting Parts

First, your POS should provide cloud-based reporting features, which will allow you to check on your restaurant’s performance even when you are away. If you have more than one store, the reporting should provide details at the single store and enterprise level. Third, it should allow you to generate labor and ingredient reports, make updates to your menu at the store level, and let you evaluate the effectiveness of your loyalty program. Finally, your POS should provide an interface to your accounting software.

These features make managing a single store or enterprise more efficient and responsive. That translates into less waste, better decisions, and increased profitability.

Easy to Use Interface

This next feature sounds like a base requirement, but many POS systems are not easy to use. Employees struggle to enter orders, which is upsetting for them and the customer. It takes too much time and causes too many errors. In turn, customers stop coming back, and employees grow frustrated. Frustrated employees create more upset customers, and the whole thing spirals out of control.

Your POS system should be intuitive and fast. Your employees should learn to use it with little difficulty.

A side benefit is if your POS system is easy to use behind the counter, it is easy to use as a kiosk.

Mobile POS

The next feature your POS system must have is an integrated mobile ordering platform. Your customers expect convenience, and mobile ordering is on the top of their list of convenience requirements. You will provide that convenience with a robust mobile ordering platform that allows customers to order on their phone or tablet while also allowing your employees to line bust during busy meal times.

The benefit to you is happier customers, higher ticket averages, more productive operations, and greater profits.

Online Ordering

Finally, your POS system must provide the peace of mind and convenience of online ordering. Bolt-on solutions create a disjointed experience for your customers, introduce unwanted complexities into menu maintenance, and present a confusing brand image. Like mobile ordering, a POS with an integrated online ordering platform will increase customer loyalty. And it will allow you to upsell and cross-sell products.

Your business, customers, and employees deserve a system that reduces headaches and helps create a great experience. When you choose a solution with these core features, you give them what they deserve. If our POS experts can help you make your decision, send us a note or give us a call today.

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