May 25

Curbside Pickup – Technology You Need


Curbside pickup is one of the three technology trends highlighted in a recent QSR Magazine article. They make two points that you’ll want to pay attention to if you don’t already have curbside pickup service at your restaurant.

Curbside Pickup
  1. Busy people like fast service, and curbside pickup offers it – with the added benefit of reduced contact for those who want it.
  2. Without a curbside pickup solution, restaurants struggle to compete with their competitors. Competition increases when the competitor has both drive-thru and curbside options.

How to Implement Curbside Pickup

If you are looking for the ingredients to set up a curbside solution at your restaurant, here are the features you’ll need in a POS system.

  • Integrated online ordering
  • Seamless mobile ordering and payments
  • Rugged tablets with wifi and Bluetooth

A customer should be able to order and pay from your website or mobile app. A tablet with payment options lets you take orders in the drive-thru or at the curb.

Can RSS help you?

Yes, RSS can help you create the perfect solution. With our Focus POS solution and TouchDynamic tablets, we have all the ingredients you need to get up and running. Additionally, you can integrate this solution with your drive-thru and in-store operation. That integration spells efficiency and satisfied customers.

If you want to know more, start building your custom solution today, and we’ll guide you through the rest.


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