March 16

6 Best Practices for Restaurant Inventory Management

Are you worried about the rising cost of food and other supplies needed to run your restaurant? Do you know how much food gets wasted at your restaurant? Do you have a plan to lower that number?

According to a 2012 report written by the NRDC, approximately 4 to 10 percent of food purchased by foodservice becomes pre-consumer waste. Imagine the costs associated with this waste. Any reduction in waste at your restaurant will go right to the bottom line. So, here are six best practices for restaurant inventory management to help you.

  • Take an inventory of your stock every day at the same time
  • Run your inventory reports before you open or after you close the restaurant
  • Track your sales daily by integrating your inventory tracking software with your POS
  • Use an inventory management system to forecast your needs
  • Connect your inventory management software directly to your vendor’s ordering platform
  • Create detailed recipes and make sure your team members follow them

Top Two of the 6 Best Practices for Restaurant Inventory Management

First, when you use detailed recipes in your POS, your inventory report will be more accurate. This accuracy will speed up your daily counts, saving you time and money. But that means you must have a well-trained staff, and they must follow clear food preparation processes.

Second, when you use an inventory management solution that keeps historical records, you can build accurate forecasts for ordering inventory. Combine that forecast with your knowledge of your store, and you have what you need when you need it. You won’t run out of inventory. And just as important, you won’t waste food as it spoils on the shelf.
We hope these tips are helpful. If you’re looking for an inventory management system or want to talk with one of our consultants about other ways to create a more efficient restaurant, click the link below and let us know.


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