A POS System for Every Fast Food Restaurant

Give your guests the service they deserve! Optimize your restaurant's operations!

Your Restaurant, Your POS


Focus Quick Service POS Systems


  • Quickly enter orders and paychecks with the intuitive touch screen.
  • Take orders curbside with mobile POS.
  • Securely process credit cards.

Quick Service

  • Streamlined conversational order-taking
  • Manage multiple revenue centers (counter, drive-thru, online)
  • Integrate with online ordering

Labor Management

  • Control labor costs and meet federal guidelines with real-time labor management.
  • Streamline scheduling with reusable templates.
  • Use forecasted and historical sales to schedule special events, seasons, or peak times.

Gift and Loyalty

  • Offer customized reloadable gift cards.
  • Attract repeat customers with powerful loyalty programs.

Reporting – Cloud-Hybrid Solution

  • Easily generate a variety of detailed business driver reports.
  • Receive reports by email or text message at specified times or intervals.
  • Run reports from the cloud at the Enterprise and Store level.


All-in-One Solution

  • Flexibly manage your restaurant or restaurant chain.
  • Build custom integrations with the Open API
  • Easily train your staff with this intuitive and user-friendly solution.

Designed for the Cloud

  • Manage store analytics in real-time with data available in one place.
  • Increase network security with identity and access management, and heightened network encryption.
  • Never worry about your data with unlimited storage.

Customized Menus

  • Customize your menu to match your restaurant and maintain consistency throughout all applications.
  • Create custom-built layouts, borders, and panels.
  • Install menu modifiers quickly and promptly. Menu updates can occur anywhere, across all locations.

Configurable Reports

  • View data in real-time, as the browser refreshes.
  • Personalize the way you view your data.
  • Take a deeper look into one specific location, or many stores.
  • Pull and filter the analytics you need at the moment.
  • Identify consumer buying behaviors, peak times, and staffing requirements.

Payment Processors

We work with several payment processors to give you the Quick Service POS options you need.

Quick Service POS Hardware and Tablets

We provide a versatile, all-in-one Quick Service POS hardware solution. It looks great and has flexible configurations. Additionally, it is rugged enough for the toughest restaurant environment.
The Acrobat All-In-One is spill and dust-proof. It comes standard with the Qualcomm 450, up to 1.8 GHz CPU, and a myriad of IO ports, which makes it powerful enough to handle any POS Software Package you select.
The Quest Tablet is EMV Level 3 Certified and tested and proven to work with each card brand. The Intel™ Atom™ Cherry Trail Processor offers ultra-low power consumption and extended battery life. It is compatible with both Android and Windows operating systems. It is a rugged POS tablet. Likewise, it comes standard with 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of memory. As a result, it provides all the power and storage your POS needs.
  • Qualcomm 450 up to 1.8 GHz CPU
  • Foldable stand for ergonomic small footprint
  • Standard wireless
  • 14” widescreen LED LCD
  • Fanless and ventless
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • Android Pie 9.0
  • Spill and dust resistant
  • True Flat Resistive Touch
  • Wall mountable (VESA 75×75)
  • Low power consumption
  • SOTI Mobility Management
  • Intel™ Atom™ Cherry Trail Processor
  • 7-inch or 10-inch Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Enhanced wireless connectivity
  • Rugged IP54 rated design and 4′ drop specification
  • Windows 10 IoT and Pro Support
  • Standard: MSR and Bluetooth
  • Optional: EMV, fingerprint reader, 3G, NFC, 8 MP camera, Government ID Verification
  • Optional: Available with the Quest 10″ tablet only: field upgradeable, integrated Augusta Reader

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Working in the fast-paced environment of restaurants can be chaotic. A kitchen display system can improve accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Manage reservations, table seating, waitlists, and on-line ordering with the QSR Automations suite. Also manage your kitchen with Kitchen Video, programmable cook times, and real-time analytics.
Our KDS Integrates with many Quick Service POS systems, including Focus and Brink. The monitors in the kitchen display orders placed at the POS. The kitchen staff can then scroll through orders using a bump bar and a controller. The system sorts orders by station or location and ranks them based on the selected criteria.
Microsoft Windows CE powers the xCeed kitchen display system controller. As a result, it includes a powerful processor, industrialized construction, and several interfaces. This configuration makes it easy-to-program flash memory.
The xCeed is powerful enough to support browser content, rotated video, and graphics. You can use advanced diagnostic tools with ControlPoint.
  • Route tickets by item or order, and send orders by destination
  • Call attention to item and order details and status with colors, fonts, and other formats
  • Send orders on-the-fly, one-behind, or at subtotal
  • Dynamically display menu cards for meal prep instructions
  • Improve ticket times, volumes, accuracy, and food quality
  • Eliminate costly printers or the need to call out orders
  • Reduce downtime with a redundant system design
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase restaurant management and productivity

This graphical kitchen automation software tailors routing, display item, and order attributes. Call attention to order details and status with customizable colors and fonts. This kitchen display system software makes kitchen management a breeze. As a result, your staff can track order status and respond. Also, management can track production and speed data to identify problem areas. This will allow them to put in place appropriate solutions.

Restaurant Management Platform

You can use the native POS features or the robust QSR Automations suite. As a result, you can manage reservations, table seating, waitlists, and on-line ordering. Also, you can manage your kitchen with Kitchen Video, programmable cook times, and real-time analytics. The system integrates with several POS systems, including Focus and Brink.

Secure Contactless Payments

Getting paid securely is a top priority! So, with RSS, Focus POS, and Shift4, your customer’s credit card transactions are safe and secure!
SkyTab® is a powerful mobile solution…a game-changer for your restaurant. This order- and pay-at-the-table solution combines two features: state-of-the-art hardware with intuitive software.
As a result, it delivers an exceptional experience for businesses and their guests.
  • PCI-validated Point to Point Encryption payment solution
  • State of the art Quick Service POS solution
  • Best service in the POS industry
  • Free Quick Service POS licenses
  • Free EMV Card Readers
  • Peace of mind that your customer’s data is secure
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Experience